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Forever21 Review

I may have gone a bit crazy on the Forever21 website last week, so I thought why not review everything I got! My wardrobe is very monochrome based, so a few of these items are extremely out of my comfort zone…


  1. Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Top £16 Originally I was unsure about this top – it reminds me of something you’d see in a charity shop window – but I was wrong! This top is so flattering and looks lovely paired with black skinny jeans and heels. 4/5
  2. Plus Size Floral Sweatshirt £16 I’m a sucker for a sweatshirt! Ask anyone, I’m always wearing a sweatshirt – they’re my comfort blanket. However, this one was not for me. The pattern was too much and reminded me of pajamas. 1/5
  3. Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Top £15 I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for a long sleeve stripped bardot top!! I defo hit the jackpot with this one – 100% a new favourite of mine. 5/5
  4. Contemporary Medallion Lace Top £19 Finding the perfect white top has been quite an issue for me… I’m still searching. 2/5
  5. Contemporary You + Me Shirt £15 I don’t often invest in tops that have words on them, but I thought this one was super cute! 5/5
  6. Plus Size Stripe Sweater £15 Like I said above… sucker for a sweatshirt. 5/5
  7. Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Top £16 A plain white bardot, can’t go wrong! 5/5
  8. Plus Size Ruffled Tee £9 I was unsure about this tee as it’s short sleeved – I tend to go for long sleeved tops. It’s safe to say I should’ve followed my gut feeling. 2/5
  9. Plus Size Brooklyn Sweatshirt £15 This sweatshirt reminded me of something you’d see in a 90’s chick flick. I love it! It’s great for a casual day and it’s super cosy!

That’s it! I’ll definitely be ordering from Forever21 again… even though the postage took 7 days and the parcel got delivered to a pick up point that I had to get a taxi to… *insert eye roll emoji*


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